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Polish This, Inc. offers a wide variety of services to meet all of your polishing, finishing, and restoration needs! Be sure to checkout our service offerings below, and when you're ready to get a quote on your project, get in touch with Polish This, Inc.! Call us at 484-269-9450 or click here to get a quote now!

Polishing & Finishing Service by Polish This, Inc.

Polishing & Finishing

With polishing we are always looking for the perfect number eight finish - which means no visible signs of prior steps. Just a smooth clean high shined surface. Our number eight is truly a solid number eight. All wheels are cut, polished and colored to the highest shine in the industry. Truck wheels (19.5, 22.5, and 24.5) include cleaning of beads, cut, polish and color to the highest shine in the industry, hand holes brushed and new valvestem installed. Other finishes include satin, glass beaded, or grained surfaces. Ask about our polish protectant, Polish Defender®.

Trim Restoration Service by Polish This, Inc.

Trim Restoration

Stainless Trim Restoration - Bump dents, straighten and polish stainless trim to a beautiful mirrored finish. Corners and creases remain sharp. We DO NOT buff through or eliminate detail. We believe in attention to detail. Aluminum Trim Restoration - All anodize is chemically stripped in the correct manner, NOT sanded or ground off. (Sanding or buffing through results in a wavy surface which is unacceptable to our standards. Dents bumped, straightened and polished to a mirror finish. Protection can be had in re-anodizing or with our Polish Defender®.)

Antique Restoration Service by Polish This, Inc.

Antique Restoration

Full restoration services including dent removal, soldering, polishing, and laquering.

Cerakote™ Ceramics Service by Polish This, Inc.

Cerakote™ Ceramics

We are a certified applicator of Cerakote™ Ceramics, use only the best Cerakote™ products. From firearms, to car parts, and more. We do everything from single colors to full on custom designs and camo patterns. Many colors to choose from with protection to 1800 degrees and a series of colors that can withstand temperatures to over 2000 degrees!

Polish Defender® Service by Polish This, Inc.

Polish Defender®

Polish Defender® is our own trademarked protectant. Benefits include: OPTICALLY CLEAR (Invisible), NON-STICK which makes cleaning a breeze, BONDS with the substrate so if you are to damage it the damage will NOT spread nor can you get moisture under the coating so it will not delaminate, chip or peel as powdercoats and other coatings do. Polish Defender® is safe to over 1000 degrees.


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    Thank you very much. Polish This went above and beyond my expectations of how or what you can do with steel products. My firehouse was very touched with the personal message. I can't thank you guys enough. Great job! I hope to send youfuture products.
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