Pack & Ship Guidelines

When packing your items up for shipment please be sure they are protected on all sides with padding. Use PVC tubing whenever possible. Include your item descriptions, quantites and ALL contact information inside attached to one of the pieces. Should something happen in transit it will help your items get to where they need to be. Include plenty of insurance.

When we return ship we use the above guidelines and if the item is to large we build wooden crates to contain your items, we have been accused of being a cabinet shop by a few customers!!! However, your items safety is our concern as we will have lots of our time and interest involved and would not like to see any completed items damaged no matter how big or small.

Polish This, Inc.
108 N. Centre Ave.
Leesport, PA 19533

Contact Info

Contacting Polish This is fast and easy. You can either use the form found to the left, or using the information found below..




Workshop Address

65 Merrick Hill Rd..
Little Marsh, PA 16950

Mailing Address

49 Central Ave.
Wellsboro, PA 16901

What Our Clients Are Saying
  • Jeff W.

    Thank you very much. Polish This went above and beyond my expectations of how or what you can do with steel products. My firehouse was very touched with the personal message. I can't thank you guys enough. Great job! I hope to send youfuture products.
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